STOWAWAY 1 PACK Throttle Holder
STOWAWAY 1 PACK Throttle Holder   Bracket will hold: DT602, UT6 and other legacy Digitrax throttles. Access to LocoNet & Power Ports when stowed away. Stores throttle when not in use or when charging. Fascia mounted. Durable design. Easy to install....
$14.00 $10.00
Pre-Owned UP5 Digitrax Universal Panel
Pre-Owned Digitrax UP5 panel - successfully tested Do more connections to your LocoNet system. UP5 Simplifies hook-up, maintenance & troubleshooting of LocoNet, add a few to make traditional tethered walk-around operation a snap.
$18.00 $10.00
Pre-Owned Kato 248mm (9 3/4") Concrete Tie Double Track Straight 20-004
Not in original packaging. 248mm (9 3/4") Concrete Tie Double Track Straight
$6.75 $5.00
Pre-Owned PS14 - Digitrax Power Supply
PS14 power supply, pre-owned and tested.Might come without box. The PS14 is a 300ma, 14 Volt power supply for powering Digitrax accessories like the UP5, BDL168, DS64, SE8C, LNRP, UR90, UR91 UR92 and others.
$16.00 $9.00
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